Your Daily Crazy #6

Your Daily Crazy #6


Top 5 photos of Sexy Cats

You thought you have seen  a lot of handsome or sexy cats in your life? Well , take a look at these. I bet it’d change your mind on that thought.



This cat really know what’s it all about. He has the looks, the pose, the cattitude. Everything about this cat is just great. plus, the floor is really nice

No. 4:


If there was a category ‘plus size models’ this cat obviously would’ve won. I bet if he would lost some of his weight , he’d be a pussy magnet. 😛

No. 3:



Wow, this cat really lifts. It looks like he knows he has the handsome body. He even has the ‘I wont look into the camera because I’m too deep for you’ look. 

No. 2:



This model is new to the cat-model world. She’s just 2  years old and has a lot of potential. I bet she’d do great in the future. I love the way she looks in the camera. That really says it all!




No commentary needed. The obvious creme de la creme, and I know you love it! C’mon admit it!