Your Daily Crazy #10

Your Daily Crazy #10


The average caturday

A typical saturday in a cat’s life:


9:30 AM: *Yaaawn* I wake up, stretched myself a bit, thought about how my plan to overtake the world failed, and then immediately go to my worshipper (he calls me hís pet, can you believe it!?) jump on his belly and then I’ll finally get some food and drinks in my bowl


10:30 AM: Ugh, the food the human gave me was a bit too much, I think I’m going to …. to take a cat…nap…


11:00 AM: Good , my property went off to school/work , I’m going to pretend I miss him and when he’s gone the party is getting started!

12:00 PM: Okay, so all the preparations are done , catnip is ready all the cats arrived via the cat flap, party rock!

3:00 PM: We all got tired and they all went to home.. time for another catnap..

4:00 PM: There’s an quick cat-meeting at the neighbour’s house. Today’s item on the schedual: ”How to rule the world: Plan 516e, the catnip bomb”

5:00 PM: My property came home, we managed to clean up the mess a bit and pretend we were still sleeping 

6:00 PM: Dinner time!

7:00 PM: *Yawn* I feel sleepy again, maybe tomorrow will be better a better day, and then I will finally be EMPEROR OF THE WORLD.